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Webinars allow us at N.A.P.S. to actively support your peer supporter and career development. For each webinar you complete, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation for Continuing Education Purposes.

If you have a Professional, Ally, Sustainer, Lifetime, or Company Sponsor Membership, all of these webinars are free to access! For guests and registrants, you can purchase lifetime access to webinars on an individual basis.

If you register in advance of a live Zoom call, you can visit the course page to join the call on the day. If you register after the fact, you will have access to a YouTube recording. Be sure to check our webinar archive page for a full listing of our webinars.

Members: You may access all of your courses through this page, or through the Courses Tab in My Account.

Members and non-members are invited to visit our YouTube page here to view our webinar archive.

Members: Please be advised that you will not automatically receive a certificate if you go this route.
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