Who We Are

The National Association of Peer Supporters (N.A.P.S.) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, which started with a small group of peer support specialists in Michigan. Founded in 2004, the organization now includes members from every state and several countries outside the USA. Members of this network come together to share their ideas and innovations, exchange resources and information, and provide unified consensus concerning issues affecting peer supporter communities. We are actively and intentionally working on making N.A.P.S a more inclusive and safe space for individuals who have historically been marginalized. We aim to ensure that all cultures and communities have a place to join in support of increasing, enhancing, and sustaining peer support in diverse communities throughout the USA and globally.

Our Mission, Vision, History

Our mission is to grow the peer support profession by promoting the inclusion of peer specialists throughout healthcare and other community systems worldwide.

Our vision is that peer support is a viable option for anyone who wants the mutuality of a compassionate peer support relationship.

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Peer Supporter Definition

A peer supporter is an individual with a life-altering lived experience of psychiatric, substance use, or other challenges who has made a personal commitment to his or her own recovery and has a desire to use what was learned from one’s own lived experiences to assist others with similar challenges.

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What People Say

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Jackson Morgan

Certified Peer Specialist

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Alexis Cheis

Recovery Coach

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Melisa Pomero

Peer Services Supervisor