National Association of Peer Supporters


Together for progress.

N.A.P.S. brings Peer Supporters together to identify and resolve the issues and opportunities that our profession faces. Our many voices can form a powerful chorus for system change and professional recognition.

A place where members can find others who share common peer support interests. Here they can discuss strategies and draft platforms for potential action.

Peer supporters can come here to find the same help and encouragement they provide to others. Virtual support groups and one-on-one confidential and secure connections will get you the peer support you need.

The registry is now a form of free N.A.P.S. membership. Join N.A.P.S. as a Registry Member and stay connected to our growing community of Peer Supporter professionals.

Turning trauma, crisis, and chaos into meaningful change requires thinking in a new way, seeing in a new way, and responding in a new way.

Dana Foglesong, N.A.P.S. President Tweet
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