September 19, 2023

N.A.P.S. Launches New Job Board for Peer Support Professionals

The National Association of Peer Support Professionals (N.A.P.S.) recently launched a new job board for peer support professionals seeking employment and employers seeking to hire peer support professionals across the United States. The new N.A.P.S. job board can be accessed at

While N.A.P.S. has hosted an online job board for many years, the new job board is a significant improvement to what had been offered by the association in the past, meeting the goals of easier search for job seekers, ease of use by employers, and improved access for both job seekers and employers.

Easier Search for Job Seekers

Job seekers have improved search and filtering options when viewing job posts on the new N.A.P.S. job board. Job seekers can now filter job posts for types of work schedules, types of work locations, states, job types, and pay ranges. The new search and filters allow job seekers to quickly find jobs that present the best opportunity for employment as a peer support professional.

Ease of Use by Employers

The submission process for employers to add jobs to the N.A.P.S. jobs is simpler. Employers can add jobs from the job board or their account page on the N.A.P.S. website. The form to submit and edit jobs is streamlined to only ask for required information for jobs submitted to the job board.

On the prior job board, every job submitted by an employer needed to be reviewed by N.A.P.S. staff before being published to the job board. Employers would also not know whether or when their job was published. The new N.A.P.S. job board only requires a review of the first job submitted by an employer. After publication of that initial job, the employer is permitted to publish future jobs to the job board directly. Employers are also notified on the website and by email of the status and status updates of their job submission.

Employers can view, edit, and delete their job posts from their account page.

Improved Access

Job seekers and employers were previously required to become N.A.P.S. members and be logged in to the N.A.P.S. website before viewing jobs. The new N.A.P.S. job board is now publicly accessible where anybody can view job posts, even when not logged in. Links to apply to jobs and post jobs require an account on the N.A.P.S. website; however, these features are available at the free subscriber level. There is no longer a financial barrier to viewing, posting, or applying to jobs on the N.A.P.S. job board.