Webinar 11 – Recovery to Practice for Peer Supporters

Webinar 11

Recovery to Practice Training for Peer Supporters

Welcome to this webinar!

This webinar discusses the Recovery to Practice Training for Peer Supporters developed by the International Association of Peer Supporters. Presenters include Steve Harrington, Rita Cronise, Noelle Pollet, Lisa Goodale, and moderator Peter Ashenden. All webinars in this series have been made possible through the generous support of Optum™, which provides moderation and technical support. Video recording and hosting by Createus Media Inc. – tell your story.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Recognize the goal of the overall Recovery to Practice project and disciplines involved
  • Identify the purpose and scope of the N.A.P.S. RTP training for working peer supporters
  • Describe collaborative learning and how it is used in the N.A.P.S. RTP training
  • Locate information online about the RTP curriculum
  • Describe how this curriculum meets the unique needs of working peer providers
N.A.P.S. members are eligible for a certificate of completion following a knowledge assessment for webinars like this. Certificates of completion can be submitted to your governing body for CEU credit. Please check with your governing body to ensure the certificates will be honored.
Module 1 Video and Quiz
Unit 1 Webinar 11 - Video
Unit 2 Webinar 11 - Quiz
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