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On this page, you can connect with other Peer Supporters as they join up and become a member of our National Registry. To search of individuals outside of the US, please select “Location” from the dropdown menu, and type in “Non-US-International.” Please do not use the information in this registry for solicitation purposes.


Cogswell, Jacob
Cohen, Jillian
Job Title CRPA
Organization Samaritan daytop village
Languages ["English"]
Focus Areas ["Alcohol and Substance Abuse", "Courts", "Group Facilitation", "Homelessness/Housing", "Inpatient Units", "Mental Health", "Older Adults", "Outpatient Units"]
Cohen, Jillian
Cohen, Jillian
Cohen, Seth
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, courts, group-facilitation, inpatient-units, medical-hospitals, mental-health, outpatient-units, psychiatric-hospitals, transition-age-youth-16-30
Location la
Cohen Zubow, Courtney
Languages ["English"]
Website or LinkedIn
Focus Areas ["Group Facilitation", "Mental Health", "Supervision"]
coke, sylmadel
Colarusso, Lauren
Colas, Felicia
Cole, Michael
Coleman, Cassey
Job Title Peer Support Specialist
Organization Heritage Health
Languages english
Location id
Coleman, Joseph
Job Title Personnel Officer
Organization Pasco County Fire Rescue
Languages english
Focus Areas mental-health
Location fl
Coleman, Valerie
Job Title Peer Support
Organization Net Care Access
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, homelessness-housing
Location oh
Collings, Shira
Collins, Brina
Languages english
Location ky
Collins, Candrea
Collins, Candrea
Collins, Mike
Colo'n, Sherri
Colón, Richard
Location ny
Comeau, Melissa
Job Title Director, Military and Veteran Caregiver Network
Organization American Red Cross
Languages english
Focus Areas family, group-facilitation, mental-health, peer-respite, veterans
Location n-a
Comer, Kimberly
Languages english
Focus Areas courts, emergency, family, forensics, group-facilitation, homelessness-housing, inpatient-units, maternal-mental-health, medical-hospitals, mental-health, outpatient-units, primary-care-clinic, psychiatric-hospitals, supervision, trauma
Location fl, in, us-national
Condon, Eve
Congdon, Rebecca
Job Title Peer Support Specialist
Organization Multnomah CATC
Languages english
Location n-a
Conger, Kari