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On this page, you can connect with other Peer Supporters as they join up and become a member of our National Registry. To search of individuals outside of the US, please select “Location” from the dropdown menu, and type in “Non-US-International.” Please do not use the information in this registry for solicitation purposes.


Briner, Kurt
Brinkley, Amy
Job Title Recovery Support Systems Coordinator
Organization NASMHPD - National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, courts, emergency, family, forensics, group-facilitation, homelessness-housing, inpatient-units, mental-health, mbile-crisis, outpatient-units, supervision
Location in, us-national, non-us-international
Brinkley, Crystal
Brinkley, Debbie
Brinson, Aladaya
Britt, Matthew
Job Title Peer recovery specialist
Organization Region ten CSB
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, courts
Location va
Brobst, Chasity
Brokschmidt, William
Job Title Peer Support Specialist
Organization The Huffman Project
Brooker, Brenda
Brookins, Regina
Brooks, Jessica
Brooks, Terri
Languages english
Focus Areas adolescents-13-17, alcohol-and-substance-abuse, children-12-and-under, courts, emergency, family, forensics, group-facilitation, homelessness-housing, human-trafficking, inpatient-units, intellectual-disabilities, lgbtqia, medical-hospitals, mental-health, mbile-crisis, older-adults, outpatient-units, peer-respite, physical-health, primary-care-clinic, psychiatric-hospitals, supervision, transition-age-youth-16-30, trauma, veterans
Location oh
Brovitch, Jessica
Job Title Founder
Organization REACH Peer Support Services, LLC
Languages english
Focus Areas courts, group-facilitation, mental-health, older-adults, peer-respite, trauma, veterans
Location tx
Brown, Coe
Brown, Dee Dee
Brown, Edmond
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Joanne
Job Title Peer Outreach Worker / Person with Lived Experience Consultant
Organization AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area / Parry Sound and Nipissing District Health Unit
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, homelessness-housing, mental-health, trauma
Location non-us-international
Brown, Justin
Job Title Northeast Area Director of Recovery
Organization Mass Department of Mental Health
Languages english
Focus Areas inpatient-units, mental-health, older-adults, supervision, trauma
Location ma
Brown, Lisa
Brown, Lisa
Brown, Rene
Languages english
Website or LinkedIn
Focus Areas group-facilitation, lgbtqia, mental-health, peer-respite, supervision, trauma
Location fl
brown, victor
Job Title Peer support specialist
Organization VA
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, veterans
Location mi