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On this page, you can connect with other Peer Supporters as they join up and become a member of our National Registry. To search of individuals outside of the US, please select “Location” from the dropdown menu, and type in “Non-US-International.” Please do not use the information in this registry for solicitation purposes.


Volz, Stacey
Von Hellfire, Ruth
Job Title Peer Support Specialist
Organization Soar Case Management
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, family, homelessness-housing, human-trafficking, inpatient-units, intellectual-disabilities, lgbtqia, mental-health, older-adults, outpatient-units, peer-respite, physical-health, trauma
Location wi
Voytko, Michelle
Job Title Advocate
Organization North Country Region Mental Health Support Group, a NAMI Affiliate
Languages english
Focus Areas children-12-and-under, family, group-facilitation, mental-health, trauma
Location ny
Vreeland, Alan
Languages english
Focus Areas emergency, group-facilitation, mbile-crisis, trauma
Location ma
Vroman, Angela
Job Title Peer Support Specialist
Organization The PEER Center
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, human-trafficking
Location oh
Vroman, Steve
Vuckovich, John
Job Title Inspector IV
Organization Hawaii Department of Transportation
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, courts, emergency, family, group-facilitation, homelessness-housing, inpatient-units, mental-health, outpatient-units, peer-respite, veterans
Location hi
Wade, Autum
Job Title Medical Assistant, CPRS
Organization Dragonfly medical and behavioral health
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, group-facilitation, mental-health
Location tn
Wade, Autum
Location tn
Wade, Nathan
Job Title Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Organization Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, outpatient-units
Location va
Waegerle, Tina
Wagner, Andrea
Job Title Executive Director
Organization California Association of Mental Health Peer-Run Organizations
Languages english
Website or LinkedIn
Focus Areas forensics, group-facilitation, homelessness-housing, inpatient-units, mental-health, peer-respite, supervision, trauma
Location ca
Wagner, Dresden
Wagner, Mary Kay
Job Title Consultant
Organization MK Wagner & Associates
Languages english, other
Focus Areas emergency, group-facilitation, mental-health, mbile-crisis, older-adults, peer-respite, physical-health, trauma, veterans
Location wi
Wagner, Wyatt
wagner, wyatt
Job Title youth peer advocate
Organization Northern regional center for independent living
Languages english
Focus Areas adolescents-13-17, group-facilitation, intellectual-disabilities, lgbtqia, mental-health, transition-age-youth-16-30, trauma
Location ny
Wagoner, Dee
Waha, Stéphane
Job Title Pair aidant formateur et accompagnateur
Organization En Route
Languages english, other
Website or LinkedIn
Focus Areas group-facilitation, inpatient-units, mental-health, outpatient-units, psychiatric-hospitals
Location non-us-international
Walcott, Justice
Waldron, Sarah
Waldrop, George
Walker, Dara
Languages ["English"]
Focus Areas ["Medical Hospitals", "Mental Health", "Psychiatric Hospitals"]
Walker, Denise
Job Title Peer Advocate
Organization Federation Organzations
Languages english
Location ny
walker, etta