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Youth Engagement Specialist

Compeer Rochester

Part-Time | On Location / In Office

$17 - $19/hr.

The Youth Engagement Specialist will provide Skillbuilding-style services to youth with behavioral health challenges ages 5 to 21. The Youth Engagement Specialist assists individuals to eliminate functional deficits and interpersonal/environmental barriers to restore their functioning and integration within their family, community, or culture. Youth Engagement Specialists provide face to face person-centered, recovery-oriented, solution focused interventions in individual or group settings. 


  • Model and educate youth and young adults on self-advocacy and systems navigation. 
  • Assist clients in developing goals and objectives that are strength and needs based. 
  • Engage each client in weekly community-based activities to promote healthy lifestyles and progress towards established goals. 
  • Link client to other agencies and services as needed. 
  • Document visits in detailed progress notes. 
  • Create formal treatment plans based on a young person’s strengths and needs. 
  • Represent client voice in staff and team meetings. 
  • Gather clients in small groups periodically to promote positive socialization and problem-solving. 




Creating Connections  

  • Ability to establish connections with participant and family’s circle of supports and serve as a member of youth’s treatment team.  
  • Makes frequent communication with collaterals and maintain relationships over the course of service. 
  • Ensure services are youth-centered and family-focused. 

One Team, One Mission 

  • Willingness to communicate creatively with co-workers.   
  • Conduct outreach in the community on behalf of all Compeer programs (ambassadorship). 
  • Demonstrate willingness to take on additional responsibilities with the agency and in the community. 
  • Maintain positive communication and relationships with co-workers. 
  • Represent Compeer in a professional manner both internally and out in the community (this includes written and spoken language, attitude, and appearance). 



Lead by Example 

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to and respect for the diverse cultural backgrounds of the youth and family served. 
  • Maintain self-care. 
  • Manage daily tasks with little or no prompting from Supervisor. 
  • Demonstrate organization and effective, efficient use of time and agency resources. 
  • Show willingness to accept responsibility for errors while taking corrective action.  
  • Ability to use and accept constructive criticism appropriately. 
  • Demonstrate reliability through attendance, punctuality, and timely responses. 

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise 

  • Participate in trainings as assigned. 
  • Ability to develop achievable and realistic goals based on a youth’s diagnoses, needs, and strengths. 
  • Proven ability to inspire, and energize youth to develop skills. 
  • Demonstrate flexibility and creativity when faced with challenges. 

Education/Experience Required: 

Must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma, high school equivalency or a State Education Commencement Credential with a minimum of two years’ experience in children’s mental health, addiction and/or foster care or; a Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or in related human services field or; a Master’s degree in social work, psychology, or in related human services field. 

Compeer Rochester, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Posted On: October 19, 2023

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