National Registry

Connect with other Peer Supporters and Peer Support Organizations.

On this page, you can connect with other Peer Supporters as they join up and become a member of our National Registry. To search of individuals outside of the US, please select “Location” from the dropdown menu, and type in “Non-US-International.” Please do not use the information in this registry for solicitation purposes.


Labrie-Pulido, Jacquelyn
Laccohee-Duffield, Stacie Mei
Lachappelle, Melanie
LaDue, Trista
LaFleur, Amanda
LaForce, Scott
Lagare, Ruby
LaGrande, Joanna
Job Title PROS Peer Specialist
Organization Mental Health America of Dutchess County
Languages ["English"]
Focus Areas ["Mental Health", "Alcohol and Substance Abuse"]
Lambert, Elizabeth
Lambrix, Sandra
LaMere, Samantha
Lamon, Colleen
LaMott, Tina
Organization Community Health Alliance
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, trauma
Location oh
LaMott, Tina M
Job Title peer support specialist
Organization Community health Alliance
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, human-trafficking, mental-health, trauma
Location oh
Lampert, Meridith
Lampert, Meridith
Landry, Demetra
Location tx
Landry, Jasmine
Job Title Certified Recovery Support Specialist
Organization Marigold Health
Languages english
Location il
Lane, Michael T
Languages english
Location us-national
Lane, Thomas
Job Title Founder and CEO
Organization Expedition Health Innovations
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, forensics, mental-health, mbile-crisis, older-adults, physical-health
Location fl, us-national
Lane, Tom
Languages english
Location tx
Langley, Tamera
Job Title Certified Forensic Peer Specialist
Organization Oxbow Center
Languages ["English"]
Focus Areas ["Alcohol and Substance Abuse", "Emergency", "Group Facilitation", "Homelessness/Housing", "Inpatient Units", "Mental Health"]
Lansbury, Jayette
Larin, Patricia
Larisey, Laura