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On this page, you can connect with other Peer Supporters as they join up and become a member of our National Registry. To search of individuals outside of the US, please select “Location” from the dropdown menu, and type in “Non-US-International.” Please do not use the information in this registry for solicitation purposes.


Tith, Lunachan
Job Title Parent Partner/Community Worker
Languages english, khmer
Focus Areas adolescents-13-17, alcohol-and-substance-abuse, children-12-and-under, courts, emergency, family, group-facilitation, human-trafficking, inpatient-units, maternal-mental-health, mental-health, mbile-crisis, older-adults, peer-respite, physical-health, psychiatric-hospitals, transition-age-youth-16-30, trauma
Tjernagel, Susan
Tobler, Aaron
Tocci, Joseph
Todd, Danielle
Job Title Program Director
Organization Perfect Place Drop-In Center
Languages english
Focus Areas group-facilitation, mental-health, outpatient-units
Location mi
Todd-Nichol, Ellie
Tolbert, Denise
tolbert, samantha
Toledo, Jeanette
Location ny
Tolibjonov, Shehroz
Tolle, Mary
Job Title Peer Academy Coordinator
Organization Form Communities
Languages english
Focus Areas group-facilitation, mental-health, primary-care-clinic, supervision
Location tx
Toogood, Jodi
Job Title Certified Peer Support Specialist
Organization UPMC
Languages english
Focus Areas mbile-crisis
Location pa
Torcel, Rose
Touche, Melissa
Towle, Daniel
Townsend, Simone
Job Title Program Director
Organization Project Hospitality
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, mbile-crisis
Location ny
Trachtman, Howard
Job Title co-founder and President Emeritus
Organization National Alliance on Mental Illness Greater Boston
Languages english
Website or LinkedIn
Focus Areas group-facilitation, homelessness-housing, inpatient-units, mental-health, older-adults
Location ma
Travis, Crystal
Travis, Stephen
Languages ["English"]
Focus Areas ["Alcohol and Substance Abuse", "Homelessness/Housing", "Psychiatric Hospitals"]
Treiber, Benjamin
Trent, Kelly
Job Title Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Organization The Nord Center
Languages english
Focus Areas alcohol-and-substance-abuse, group-facilitation, human-trafficking, mental-health, trauma
Location oh
Trent-Pierce, Kay
Trevett, Tanya
Tripp, Jamie
Trotman-Yorrick, Rayanna