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If you’re looking for peer support provider training, N.A.P.S. encourages you to contact recognized, respected, and proven training organizations. While N.A.P.S. does not endorse any one peer support provider training organization, we strongly urge peer supporters or those interested in becoming peer supporters to obtain training from a reputable organization. Many of the organizations listed below also offer advanced level, refresher, and continuing education for peer support providers.​

Academy of Peer Services (Online) | New York State Certification

An on-demand, online training and testing website for the New York State Peer Specialist Certification. Free of charge to residents of New York State. Free and open to the public. 

For out of state certification, visit the New York Peer Specialist Certification Board at

Appalachian Consulting Group (ACG)

The Appalachian Consulting Group trains and consults in health and behavioral health to promote a national workforce of peer specialists who call forth the potential within each individual to self-manage a healthy life with meaning and purpose.

Georgia’s Division of Mental Health pioneered Medicaid-billable peer support services in 1999 in partnership with ACG and the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network (GMHCN). Many certified peer specialist training programs have been based on this groundbreaking work.

Colorado Cross-Systems Training Institute (CSTI)

The vision of the Cross-Systems Training Institute is that “All Colorado behavioral health providers, child-, youth-, and family-serving professionals, and peer support providers have the professional development and support they need to best serve Colorado’s children, youth, families, and individuals with complex needs.”

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